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Nine Princes in Amber (Amber Chronicles, #1) - Roger Zelazny,  Alessandro Juliani This series is different from anything I've read before. But then I'm not a big fantasy reader, so maybe this is typical of the genre and just unusual to me.

The world of Amber, as the story goes, is the only "true" world. Other places are merely "shadows" that exist in parallel. Amber was once ruled by King Oberon, but he mysteriously disappeared (believed dead) and his sons are now vying and/or plotting with each other to replace him on the throne. The first five books of the Amber Chronicles follow the adventures of Prince Corwin. Nine Princes in Amber opens with Corwin waking up in a hospital in the shadow land called "Earth". He must regain his past memories and find his way back to Amber whilst fending off a myriad of enemies, including some of his siblings.

The books are curiously addicting. The dialog is an odd mixture of old-world formality and modern slang that works with the story and adds a bit of humor. I’ve been listening to the audiobook versions narrated by Alessandro Juliani, whose voice and delivery seem ideally suited to the character of Corwin.

Very enjoyable. I’m up to the third book, Sign of the Unicorn, and have the remaining two waiting on deck.